My Pure·Viewing of NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46

NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46

Another week, another superb episode of Teens Hakusho. This week’s episode features Team N members Yamada Nana (Nana), Kishino Rika (Rika-nyan), and Yoshida Akari (Akarin). And this week, we see the girls hit the slopes for some snowboarding and other winter fun.

From my own experience at the slopes, I know how difficult it can be to snowboard. In my case, it’s seemingly impossible. So this episode would be amiss if we didn’t have at least one NMB member with some snowboarding skills and that member of the three is Rika-nyan. Rika-nyan glides down the slope in style, making it easy to see that this isn’t her first time on a board. Let’s just say Akarin and Nana don’t have the same skills as Rika-nyan, but damn do they look cute looking scared trying to learn to ski and snowboard, respectively. But all the girls are able to successfully glide down from the top of the slopes and in one piece.

NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46

Afterwards, we get to see the girls ride snowmobiles through the snow trails. (Though how fun would it have been to see the girls drive the snowmobiles themselves? That would have been awesome.) Also, we get to see to girls have a snowball fight, using the latest technology in snowball fighting warfare. A little too overpriced for my taste though. Nothing beats a handmade snowball  in a snowball fight to me.

NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46

And the main event of the episode is to see if Rika-nyan can successfully land a jump from a ramp on her snowboard. It’s not as easy as SSX and Cool Boarders makes it look and Rika-nyan struggles to land that ollie off the ramp. She lands short a few times and is unable to keep balance after the jump. But finally, after a few more tries, success…

NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46

Awesome episode and Rika-nyan was definitely the MVP of the episode. Mad props for her snowboarding skills.

My Pure·Viewing of Naniwa Nadeshiko Episode 9

After a week off, Naniwa Nadeshiko returns and I love it. This week’s episode features: Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayaka), Watanabe Miyuki (Miruki), Ogasawara Mayu (Maachun), Kishino Rika (Rika-nyan), Kinoshita Haruna (Haru), Jonishi Kei (Keicchi), and the focus of today’s episode.

With the Janken Tournament less than a week away, this week’s episode focused on the luck of the lone Team N member in the tournament. Yamaguchi Yuuki (Yuppi). So we had a Yuppi vs Team Yamamoto (everyone else).

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