My Pure·NMB48 Blog Challenge: Question 10

Another quick NMB48 Blog Challenge Post.

10. If you could marry one of the NMB members, who would it be?

Really thought about this for awhile, but my choice right now would be Team N member Yamaguchi Yuuki (Yuppi). First off, she’s so cute and beautiful. I don’t follow all the ***48 members’ activity on Google+, but when I do try to catch up, I always try to see what Yuppi is posting on hers. And the pics she posts can be amazingly hilarious. As seen on the cooking competition from the Junjou U-19 DVD, she’s amazing at cooking. Simply put, she’s simply awesome. She’d be a great bride for any man lucky enough to get that opportunity.

More Yuppi pics after the jump.

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My Pure·Remembrance – NMB48 in Lucky Girl Ranking 2012

I was glimpsing through old episodes of AKBINGO! and I got to this year’s January 4th and 11th episodes, the Lucky Girl Ranking 2012 episodes. This year’s rankings included 140 members from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48. For NMB48, only Team N members were ranked and suspended Team N members Yoshida Akari (Akarin) and Matsuda Shiori (Shiokichi) were omitted from the ranking. Yamaguchi Yuuki (Yuppi), who was in studio for for the episode, was the highest ranked NMB member. Happy to see her ranked so high. With her unfortunately not being in senbatsu for Junjou U-19, I’m hoping the rest of the year will present a lot good luck for in other ways. And it may be wishful thinking, but I’m hoping she returns to senbatsu for NMB48’s 4th single. Here’s the group and overall lucky girl rankings for the NMB48 members.

1. (10) Yamaguchi Yuuki (Yuppi)
2. (12) Jonishi Kei (Keicchi)
3. (26) Watanabe Miyuki (Milky)
4. (31) Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayanee)
5. (37)
Ogasawara Mayu (Maachun)
6. (41) Kinoshita Haruna (Haru)
7. (63) Kadowaki Kanako (Kanakichi)
8. (84)
Fukumoto Aina (Ai-nyan)
9. (90) Yamada Nana (Nanatan)
10. (104) Kishino Rika (Rika-nyan)
11. (110) Kotani Riho (Ripopo)
12. (118) Shinohara Kanna (Kanchiru)
13. (126) Shiroma Miru (Mirurun)
14. (127) Kondo Rina (Riichan)

My Pure·Viewing of NMB48 no Kagaijugyo Episode 36

As you can probably tell, my write-ups on NMB48 After School are getting shorter and shorter. And this one will probably be the shortest and laziest one yet. Episode 36 of NMB48 After School features NMB members Yamada Nana (Nana), Kinoshita Haruna (Haru), and Yamaguchi Yuuki (Yuppi). Without getting into much detail, this is a food episode. The girls visit a factory that makes some delicious looking food such as cream croquettes.

So yeah, the rest of this post will be a small food-picture mini-spam from this episode. Enjoy.

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My Pure·Viewing of Naniwa Nadeshiko Episode 9

After a week off, Naniwa Nadeshiko returns and I love it. This week’s episode features: Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayaka), Watanabe Miyuki (Miruki), Ogasawara Mayu (Maachun), Kishino Rika (Rika-nyan), Kinoshita Haruna (Haru), Jonishi Kei (Keicchi), and the focus of today’s episode.

With the Janken Tournament less than a week away, this week’s episode focused on the luck of the lone Team N member in the tournament. Yamaguchi Yuuki (Yuppi). So we had a Yuppi vs Team Yamamoto (everyone else).

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